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I have been buying and selling toys and collectibles for about 5 years now. Over the years I have taught myself to look out for products that can become potential sellers and return a decent profit. As we get closer and closer to the holidays and Black Friday, I begin writing down various potential toys that might become hot and head to the stores to buy a few. I am NOT a hoarder and do not buy every single toy I find in the store. This is wrong and will result in bad karma – so please don’t go out to stores and buy everything in stock. This guide is meant to help you earn some extra money, or even secure the hottest toys so that you can give them as gifts and make children happy!Black Friday is the official start to the holiday shopping season and quickly becomes a madhouse. Every year, there are a few “hot” items that are on everyone’s wish list. These toys sell out instantly and become impossible to find. Many people resort to eBay, Craigslist, or any other resource in order to secure these toys where they will spend A LOT more than what it would cost in the store. This is bad for the buyer but great news for the seller. A smart seller will have scoped out the hottest toys for the year and secure them weeks before black Friday.A few weeks ago I wrote an article on this years hottest toys – and guess what? The first prediction came TRUE! I will list the things I believe will sell out this year, but I want to mention that ONE has ALREADY sold out – and Black Friday has not even happened yet. Fisher Price released “Dance Star Mickey” At first I was unaware about this product since it cost $70, but I decided to take a chance and bought 2 off Amazon (NO tax, FREE shipping, & I earn bonus points on my credit card) and take a chance. Low and behold – if you go to amazon right now, this product is sold out and people are already asking $90. If Amazon gets more in stock, I strongly suggest buying 1 or 2. I can see this product easily selling for $100+ as we get closer to the holidays.The next item that I think will sell out is the Red Mario 25th anniversary Nintendo Wii and the DSI XL. These were recently items and ARE still available to buy. Amazon has both on sale for MSRP. If you head on over to eBay, you will notice that these items are ALREADY selling for $20-$40 MORE than amazon. This makes no sense and just shows you how easily you can make some extra money by doing some research. I know that once these 2 items sell out, eBay will become a madhouse and prices will skyrocket.The last item I want to discuss are Sing A Ma Jigs – especially the Santa version. This is a limited edition green/red toy that has the potential to sell out and possibly bring in a $20 profit. I also have some sing a ma jigs sitting in my room, in case they sell out of course. It never hurts to try.So, if you want to make some extra money this holiday I suggest taking a look at the products I mentioned above. I would also appreciate reading my other articles for other tips for this holiday season. I also have a personal blog! 

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