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Black Friday Shopping Tips

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Black Friday is a vicious time of the year – people want to start their Christmas shopping, and they don’t care who they push out of the way to get to where they want to be. Why worry yourself with the prospect of stampedes of people and crushingly long shop queues? A few changes to your yearly Christmas shopping routine can help you avoid this busy period and have you skipping home with everything you need that was promised on those letters from Santa.If it’s your family tradition to start the shopping on Black Friday, then nothing is stopping you – how about shopping online? You’ve still started your shopping, you’re not breaking any family or country traditions, you’re just being a bit more savvy and avoiding the physical queues by joining the virtual queues, which isn’t half as irritating and frustrating. Online, you can buy pretty much anything you want, when you want. You can buy all your presents in one go if you really want! Just remember to keep an eye on those delivery dates – you don’t want your presents arriving closer to the New Year than Christmas!However, if you’re adamant that you have to join the masses and get down to the shopping mall, it doesn’t always have to end in tears and frustration. Plan your trip wisely – where are you going, how are you going to get there, how long are you likely to be there, and so on. Find out when the shops open and when they close, that way you can either go down really early as soon as they open, or you can go down really late just before they close – the only risk you run with that though is that it’s always possible that what you want will have sold out by the time you get there if you go later! As for where you’re going, see if there’s another route to it without using the main roads, as these are likely to be jam packed. Knowing how long you’re likely to be there is good knowledge as well, as it’ll let you plan out whether or not you can make a dash to the next shopping mall if you have to as well.It’s not possible to avoid busy shops on Black Friday if you insist on buying your presents at that particular time. Try to avoid shops that you know are going to be full to the brim and see if there’s a less busy shop that sells what you need on those Santa letters. Remember your manners – just because you need to buy something, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to acknowledge people you may bump into or push accidentally!

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