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Generally speaking, if a day is Friday and its date is 13th, it is called Black Friday.Because Friday and the 13th are both unfortunate in western countries.It said that the special day originates from western religion and superstition. Jesus Christ died in Friday. Also the Bible says that the God created the first man and woman called Adam and Eve. The day of Adam was created; they ate forbidden fruit as well as they died are all in Friday.Besides, the number 13 is unlucky. Whenever at 13th, 12 witches will hold a carnival, and the 13th is devil Satan who appears at climax and brings disaster to human. So not only the 13th but also the number 13 is taboo. It is obviously that there is not the number 13 used for street or building name.However it has another side. In US, it is the Friday after Thanksgiving when all the retailers offer many hottest deals of the year and the prices are extremely low, then customers will rush to purchase so that it make a big profit for all the retailers. While red is symbolized deficit and black is profit in US market, therefore this day is called “Black Friday” by retailers, which means they would no longer have losses from then on.So Black Friday 2009 is November 27th. Now many shops have being prepared for that day and promote many great deals for customers.As references, you can find best deals on that day at Deals Vista which reports the latest and hottest deals on the web.

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