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Black Mafia Family

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Black Mafia Family – or as commonly known as the BMF – is one of the crime families based in Detroit, Michigan. It was founded in the late 1980s, but the name ‘BMF’ was given in 2000. Its territory includes California, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri and Michigan. It has allies with the Crips and Campanella Park Piru.It is estimated that the Black Mafia Family has around 400 members, out of which 150 members have been charged so far. Its members are of African-American ethnic group. Black Mafia Family was actively involved in various criminal activities including drug trafficking, murder, and various money laundering cases.Black Mafia Family was established by the Flenory brothers – Demetrius and Terry. It is reported that they had setup several distribution cells for cocaine in different cities of United State by the year 2000. These brothers established two hubs for carrying out their activities; one in Atlanta, Georgia operated by Demetrius and the other in Los Angeles, California operated by Terry. Through the hub at Los Angeles, they made connections with the Mexican-based drug cartels.The Flenory brothers tried to start a legitimate business in the year 2000. They started a company for the Hip-Hop music called the BMF Entertainment. Through this company, they provided facilities for lots of artists, for example Young Jeezy, Bleu DaVinci etc.Black Mafia Family saw its downfall in 2005 when the Drug Enforcement Administration convicted several members of BMF. Besides indictment of 150 of its members, the Flenory brothers are also sentenced to 30 years to life.

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