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Borrowing Against a Home’s Equity

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Escorting his mother in a bank in Massachusetts, a customer approached the counter and inquired about obtaining a cashiers check from a savings account. The teller at the bank in Massachusetts informs the customer of his options in obtaining money orders or withdrawing cash from the account. The customer insists that a cashiers check will be sufficient and inquires about the possibility of meeting with a loan officer to discuss options for attending an upcoming real estate auction.The manager of the bank in Massachusetts sits down with the two customers and after learning of their intentions for the cashiers check makes the suggestion that a home equity line of credit be established on the home of the borrowers mother. Conducting the loan interview process to gather information about the income and expenses of the customers, the Massachusetts bank manager busily enters information into his computer and accesses the customers checking and savings accounts.After collecting the necessary financial information from the couple the branch manager of the bank sends all of the data over to the loan processing center and awaits a speedy return to let the customers know that they are approved for a loan and for how much money the home equity line of credit will be. As the home being borrowed against has already been paid off the available equity will be enough for the borrower to attend the real estate auction armed with a cashiers check from the bank in Massachusetts and bid on bank owned properties that the borrower is interested in purchasing.

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