Building the Mobile Client

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This chapter describes how the developers at Tailspin built the user interface (UI) components of the application. It begins by discussing some of the goals and requirements that Tailspin identified for the application before discussing, at a high level, the structure and key components of the application.

The chapter then discusses navigation and UI controls in more detail, and it describes how and why Tailspin implemented the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern. The chapter also gives an overview of the MVVM pattern itself.

The chapter includes discussions of the design Tailspin adopted for the application as well as detailed descriptions of the implementation.

Overview of the Mobile Client Application

This section provides an overview of the mobile client application to help you understand its overall structure before you examine the components that make up the application in more detail. Also, to help you understand some of the design decisions made by the developers at Tailspin, it describes some of the goals and requirements that Tailspin identified for the application.

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