Business Intelligence applications on the GIS system (Information Management) support

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What is Business Intelligence? In 1958, the IBM researchers, the concept of business intelligence for the interpretation of “ability, the dependence of the facts than straight into the action desired goal to understand.” Business Intelligence (BI better known) is an application or obtain a number of distributed applications, skills and technologies to help companies better understand the economic environment. It can also be collected on all data.Warehouses participatory and market statistics are often used to refer to collect data for BI applications. Not all the time, that all applications warehouse.How Business Intelligence BI need is so useful? BI technologies, provides the software, a combination of proactive planning day for the daily work. the legend up to date information and activity management. Most of the rules for companies:

Text Mining
Data Mining
Business Productivity
Predictive Analysis
In addition, as part of its technical complexity, some large companies that use the platform for application development for small and medium-sized businesses benefit from the organization. NET Framework to create the recent changes in the shape of applications.Many architecture for such applications. Now in version 2.0 of the application of service-oriented architecture SOA with the goal of flexible, adaptable and modular middleware.The large business intelligence applications is to improve planning and decision making to ensure organization. Sun BI systems are also known as decision-making system (DSS) refers. DSS is generally in dealing with senior management of the GIS used .


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