Can My Mortgage Be Refinanced Under Obama and FHA’s Revised Home Loan Modification Program?

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With foreclosure bugging many of us out there, the government had previously come up with the Loan Modification Plan through the President’s office to assist those facing this dilemma of how to salvage their homes. This plan however faced heavy criticism from almost all quarters for the lengthy application process attached to it, as well as the low approval rates for those applying for them, in addition to other complications.The President and his office were quick to realize this issue, and rectified it by revising the Loan Modification Program to help struggling homeowner cope with foreclosure issues. The homeowners’ bid to refinance home mortgage would in the future be approved more easily, and the program has also included newer features within it to help struggling homeowners further. Now even the unemployed are offered subsidies, and those who have borrowed more than the worth of their homes can also apply for subsidies to help them cope with refinancing.The revised program would increase the amount of payment to creditors that modify or refinance second mortgages. This incentive is deemed to directly help homeowners as previously banks were reluctant to write down second mortgages, and this dampened the government’s efforts to help homeowners fight foreclosure. Thus if you fall into this category, your second mortgage can now be refinanced as more banks would come forward to accept your application! The applications would also fall into the FHA guarantee programs, giving the bankers more confidence to deal with those with bad credit scores. This means those with bad credit ratings can also apply for these loans successfully, and these packages serve as bad credit mortgage refinance deals!And if you are currently unemployed and struggling to find lenders to help refinancing efforts, the Treasury has agreed to help unemployed homeowners bring down their mortgage payments for up to 6 months while they find another job. Existing incentives have also been added for borrowers with loans that are FHA-guaranteed, and there is also the new benefit of relocation incentive payments for those that are forced to move out of their homes. For the lenders, the Treasury will offer further incentive when loan modifications are accomplished. The Troubled Asset Relief Program will fund these new additions for the Loan Modification Program (reportedly USD 700 billion), while another USD 14 billion will be set aside for FHA’s guarantee programs.Homeowners should now find it a lot easier and appealing to refinance their homes with these incentives from the federal government as the public and the government combat foreclosure together.

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