Canon 7D, Compensating for the Flash Exposure

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Sometimes your fl ash will be too bright or too dark for your subject. While the E-TTL system is highly advanced and will get the fl ash’s output close to where it should be, it doesn’t always know what you want the image to look like.



You can change the Flash Exposure Compensation, along with several other settings, by using the Quick Control button on the back of your camera. Just press the Q and use the Multi-Controller to scroll to the setting you want to change, in this case the Flash Exposure Compensation (A). You can adjust your settings directly from the main screen using either the Quick Control dial or the Main dial, or you can press Set to see a detailed view of each item and adjust your settings from there (B).


Like exposure compensation, fl ash compensation allows you to dial in a change in the fl ash output in increments of 1/3 of a stop. You will probably use this most often to tone down the effects of your fl ash, especially when you are using the fl ash as a subtle fi ll light.


  1. Press the ISO/Flash Exposure Compensation button to get to the compensation setup mode.
  2. Look at the top LCD Panel (or in the viewfi nder) and spin the Quick Control dial to change the output of the fl ash. Turning clockwise towards the plus-sign side of the scale adds exposure (more fl ash power), and turning counterclockwise toward the minus sign reduces exposure (less fl ash power). Note that turning the Main dial will result in a change of ISO, so be sure to use the Quick Control dial.
  3. Press the Shutter button halfway to return to shooting mode, and then take the picture.
  4. Review your image to see if more or less fl ash compensation is required, and repeat these steps as necessary.
  5. The Flash Exposure Compensation feature does not reset itself when the camera is turned off, so whatever compensation you have set will remain in effect until you change it. Your only clue to knowing that the fl ash output is changed will be the presence of the Flash Exposure Compensation symbol in the viewfi nder. It will disappear when there is zero compensation set.



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