Canon 7D, Custom Controls

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Setting the 7D’s custom controls, located in the Custom Functions menu tab, is a great way to change the buttons and knobs on your camera to your own specifi cations. You might fi nd that there are some default buttons you don’t use very often while you are shooting. If so, there just might be a different setting for those buttons that would make them more useful for your shooting style.




  1. Press the Menu button and use the Main dial to scroll to the Custom Functions tab, and then use the Quick Control dial to highlight the C.Fn IV: Operation/Others item (A). Press the Set button.
  2. Use the Quick Control dial to select C.Fn IV-1 (Custom Controls) (B). Press the Set button.
  3. Next, use the Main dial to highlight the item you woud like to change. For this example I’ll show how to add a function to the Multi-Controller (C).
  4. Press the Set button and use the Main dial to select AF Point Direct Selection (D), and then press the Set button once again. Now I can change the focus point in my viewfi nder while shooting by toggling the Multi-Controller.

You are free to change any of the settings however you like. I recommend scrolling through all of the items to see what they can do. But don’t worry f you get things moved around so much that you can’t remember what you changed the buttons to— you can always set them back to their default settings by pushing the Picture Style Selection button on the back of your camera when you are in the Custom Controls menu screen.



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