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If you’re photographing in an environment where you can be close to your computer while you are shooting, you might fi nd tethering to be a useful feature. When you tether your 7D to a computer, you can instantly view your shots on your computer monitor, and you can even make changes to the camera settings and actually control the camera from the computer.

I fi nd this a very handy feature to have when I’m working in my studio. When my camera is set up on a tripod, it’s easy to tether it to a laptop because the camera isn’t moving around. But even if you require more mobility, all you need is a USB cable long enough to reach your computer. So, let’s get started!


  1. Connect your camera to the computer with the interface cable (mini-USB to USB) that came with your 7D. Also make sure that the Canon utilities software is installed on your computer.
  2. Turn the camera on, and open the EOS Utility application. Click the Camera settings/Remote shooting option (A). A new window will appear that allows you to adjust the settings on the camera and even take photos (B).
     Camera settings/Remote shooting optio
  3. Click the Preferences button on the bottom left of the window. Here you can choose a destination folder (C), change the fi lename, and make changes to many other settings.
    Preferences button
  4. When you take a photo, you’ll see it appear as a preview on the screen (D). This preview will automatically change to the current photo each time you press the Shutter button. (If you don’t see the preview, click the Other Functions button and select Quick Preview.)
    Shutter button
  5. You can also shoot in Live View mode and view a live preview of your image on your computer screen by clicking the Remote Live View shooting button near the bottom of the shooting window.
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