Canon PowerShot G12, Watching Your Videos

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There are a couple of different options for you to review your video once you have finished recording. The first is probably the easiest: Press the Playback button to bring up the recorded image on the LCD screen, and then use the Set button to start playing the video. The Left/Right buttons act as the video controller and allow you to rewind and fast-forward as well as stop the video altogether.

If you would like to get a larger look at things, you will need to either watch the video on your TV or move the video files to your computer. To watch on your TV, connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI Out port, or connect the video cable that came with the camera to the A/V Out/Digital port (Figure 11.4).

The video ports on the G12.
Figure 11.4 The video ports on the G12.

Once you’ve connected to your TV, simply use the same camera controls that you used for watching the video on the LCD screen.

If you want to watch or use the videos on your computer, you need to download the images using the Canon software or by using an SD card reader attached to your computer. The video files will have the extension “.mov” at the end of the file name. These files should play on either a Mac or a PC using software that came with your operating system or that can be downloaded for free (Apple’s QuickTime for Mac and Windows is available at


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