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Changed Focus to Deportation Regulations: Deportation Proceeding Bottlenecks in the Country

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Immigrant is a person who has moved from one place to another for better financial opportunities. There may be a host of other factors on which immigration is dependent. The factors may vary like- a nation with political unrest or civil war may have immigrants who has come to seek political asylum in US. There are federal and state laws governing immigration.In USA, the troubled immigration system is overseen by two organizations:
• Department of Homeland security comprising of 2 subsidiaries- Immigration and Customs Enforcement (immigration law enforcement), Citizenship and Immigration Services agency (immigration benefits).
• Executive Office for Immigration Review (Department of Justice) which is the largest immigration court.Currently the US immigration system is reviewing its immigration policy. This is because of the huge number of cases piling up in US courts. This has resulted in Obama administration to change the manner in which illegal immigrants are being handled. Immigrants with criminal records are being deported.The average wait time in courts are exceeding more than one year in certain places. Obama administration has shifted focus from work place raids. Officials are directed to drop deportation proceedings against illegal immigrants who have applied for residency. However, this is not a generalized concept. An illegal immigrant is getting married to an U.S. citizen and has an active residency application will not face deportation proceedings. It doesn’t imply that any illegal immigrant without criminal charges will get the aforesaid treatment.According to records revealed by the National Conference of State Legislatures, record numbers of laws have been enacted last year in about 45 states. The good news is that the immigrants can have faith in the law of the land. Even illegal immigrants have the right to hearing in front of an immigration judge. An illegal immigrant can reopen his case if he is able to prove that the judgment has been passed ‘in absentia’. The review of most immigration decisions are taken in district court.If we take the example of Miami, Florida the following facts can be seen. The city is highly developed but has a considerable black population. There are huge numbers of other immigrant groups too. They are legal residents in USA. However, their presence attracts illegal immigrants of the same nationality.Most immigration studies in U.S are seen to concentrate on Miami, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. There has been a change in trend of immigrants coming to U.S as found by Elizabeth Chacko and Marie Price (Department of Geography at Columbian College). Today’s immigrants do not necessarily fit into the uneducated and socio-economically backward people.It is always better to take help of a Miami Immigration lawyer in filing for residency status. They will also allow you to buy maximum possible time to stay in USA. Integrating in your own community in a foreign land is a cherished dream of all immigrants. For this, legal help is an absolute necessity.

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