Changes in the data source systems, business intelligence reports, to destroy, to

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Possible changes in the source systems directly to information systems, particularly performance management software can work lead to the collapse of official explanation, both internally and externally. What you can fashion a small change in a table sources, such as distorting as changes in the hierarchy of clients in a broad customer base, the data show that changes in the company information system (IS). For example, if you are looking for different areas within the subsidiary customer. I, “of course a problem and needs cleaning. Err contents of the table data marts or data set can lead to the publication of false reports, based segmentation case.Small this change has important implications for the staff on the indicators of performance indicators have can (KPIs), reports on the implementation of the budget of the bag, mayors, etc. These reports are published, and it can not change history. And each of the problems can be caused by a combination of a small change in a unique source of information ..It is absurd to begin, especially the side of the property, but the problems, if not true.Real can stop. Sometimes are designed and built to manage changes in emissions, and therefore can not be applied to changes in emissions. You can not stop the progress of society and their lives are more important. For example, a company can prevent a new marketing campaign for a new product line, which is inconsistent reporting ..Problems of business intelligence reports to alternative reports, prepare live and recorded. Information systems in real-time data in real time. These numbers are usually not present in bound – KPI reporting format. Off-line data sources provide data on the old game with old ETL, or modify the code to compensate by changing the sources. ETL age or code changes in a stable relationship for some time. “Managing the information that can mean hate parallel approach that makes a lot of problems in the design and interpretation of data, the data completely company.Management calls the” same “KPI, key performance indicators that are more precise. Offline for many information systems managers KPI reports, some of the leaders live, and some can be taken. a parallel relationship has led to many problems, and increase the participation of living. This is not an ideal solution, instead of the version, but it is not the best way to manage change in the source systems and decision problems in relations with business intelligence?.


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