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Controversy Over Death Of NFL Player

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The latest inquiry into the death of Pat Tillman should come to an end by December. Tillman was killed by friendly fire 2 1/2 years ago in Afghanistan.It has now become clear that one for the four shooter, Staff Sgt. Trevor Alders had undergone a PRK laser eye surgery just before the incident. Although Tillman had put his hands up, identifying himself, all the Staff Sgt Alders could see was two sets of hands with his hazy vision. He assumed that Tillman and an allied Afghan were enemies and shot at them. Both were killed.Another shooter, Spc Stephen Ashpole said that he saw two figures standing and started shooting where everyone else was shooting. Squad Leader Sgt Greg Baker had a 20-20 vision but claimed he had tunnel vision. Baker said that he thought he saw an enemy with an AK-47, who was actually the allied Afghan fighter with Tillman, and started shooting at him.The shooters who shot death Tillman and the allied Afghan fighter failed to identify their targets and were in direct violation of the fire discipline techniques that every soldier learns.A report from the field hospital states that some tried to give Tillman CPR hours after his head had blown off. Key evidence including Tillman’s body armor and uniform were burned. Many of those involved in the shooting now have lawyers and are refusing to cooperate while others have left the army or can not be located.Already a lot of questions are being raised about Tillman’s death. Whether it was because of fog of war or sheer criminal act.

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