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Corporate Blogging – why every small business owner needs a blog

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Today, every small business in a leading web presence in order to be successful. Now more than ever with all the traditional methods of advertising …. Yellow pages, newspapers, radio, etc. drying up.More more consumers / customers are back on the Internet to help them buy decisions.In the not too distant past, had a web presence by setting up a website web and usually obtained by using it as a sort of online brochure. The site has come to a place for people to discover the history of the company to maintain the site and maybe do some online sales.Costly and heavy (almost all the traditional sites in need of a programmer make simple updates), the traditional site started and remains the same, year after year, usually on the 4th or 5 results.Then Side of the blog search in the Web world of the blogosphere or buried in 1997. The term blog is actually “web log ” and they were first used as a sophisticated, easy to use online journals. Positions will be in chronological order with the latest versions were presented at the blogs top.In begins first as a personal platform used to present ideas, opinions and occasional resource in the form of 1999 shares links.Inseveral companies and software developers have created software tools and they focused more on business and the use of a few thousand to more than 100 small businesses have exploded million.More and made to leave their traditional HTML (better description of HTML – the ” language” programmers use web sites) to make websites for a blog. They have developed a series of journal entries with full force “sites ” with tons of cool features, more pages and the ability to engage and interact with readers.Here are three reasons why any entrepreneur to create and maintain a business should blog. Or their old site in exchange for HTML! First, they are easy to update and maintain. I always say, “If you can write and send an e-mail, you can update your blog with success! Make no more waiting for your webmaster for updates and changes. You have control (and you don ‘t have to pay someone to be … unless you want :-)) The second search engines (especially Google) love them. Web content is. And is the target of the search engine for fresh, relevant content for the new to provide such people with their research. weblogs are ready-made capacityAlert the search engines through a process called ping the new content was added to the Web. Spiders come to crawl your site and then indexes the content and willing to provide people looking for what you will be found. Old fashioned HTML pages Don ‘t have this capability.3 automatic. They help you create loyal supporters and fans. With the advent of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on the Internet has quickly search more than one place to the content. It ‘s transition into a network of people who are willing to reach out and build relationships. Blogs automatically with a comment, where your readers / customers can exchange thoughts, ideas and interact with the blog you just owner.Having a strong Web presence can be very profitable for small businesses. Blogs are the foundation for the present.

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