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Credit card debt consolidation may be the only viable option to getting out of credit card debt. It’s not hard to get into debt if you just go out and spend money on credit without thinking about how you’re going to repay it. All of those plastic credit cards are a disaster waiting to happen if you don’t have self-control over your spending habits or the ability to repay your debt quickly.It’s not difficult to get stressed out or even feel hopeless when those monthly credit card bills show up in your mail box every month without fail. The problems begin to mount, however, if you do not pay the credit card balance within the grace period (usually less than 30 days) and have to pay an interest fee on top of the principal repayment. The total debt grows every month when you don’t pay all the interest due in addition to reducing the principal debt each month.An individual cannot continue to treat the credit debt problem without reducing the debt amount on a regular basis. There is help around the corner if you’re willing to consider the optional method. It’s called credit card debt consolidation. This is a method of taking charge of your debt problem and reducing it gradually over time with lower monthly payments.Financial institutions created the credit card as a method to earn a fee on consumer purchases financed by short-term loans. It was an alternative to the “lay-away” process used extensively by many retail stores in the 1940s and 1950s. The credit card process was a blessing in disguise for many consumers that had the financial ability to pay off their credit purchases in a relatively short period of time.Credit card debt consolidation involves the process of setting up one single loan to pay off all the individual credit card bills. There are two consolidation methods available depending on the financial institution you deal with. Method one requires setting up an unsecured (less likely) consolidation loan to replace the multiple unsecured credit card balances. Method two requires setting up a secured (most likely) consolidation loan to replace the unsecured credit card balances.A secured loan requires that an asset (usually a house) be used as collateral for the loan in case you default on repaying the loan. The secured loan enables you to replace the multiple high interest credit card costs with a lower interest and lower monthly payment. Credit card debt consolidation is a much better process of paying off those ugly debts than suffering each month with the multiple credit card bills.If you have a severe credit debt problem that has gotten worse over time, you are a prime candidate for credit card debt consolidation loan. There are many financial institutions that offer consolidation loans if you meet certain criteria and have valuable assets (e.g. a house with equity value) that can be used as collateral for the loan. You can research the types of consolidation loans available by getting information through online Internet searches. You need to make certain the interest rate is low and the monthly repayment (interest plus principal) is within your financial ability.

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