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The revolution is happening in today’s business world. Just a few years, most of the custom business applications like CRM, ERP, data mining and other business data in application systems expensive and inflexible. The database server acts as the premises and office equipment, run the client application. These systems are required a registration fee, heavy maintenance, a lot of hardware, software, goods, systems management server, how to pay database and operating system. Staff changes and improvements are needed on site, and has been very costly. Small businesses are not able to get a unique solution and therefore a waste of time and money because their employees had more time to spend with your business processes, directly off the shelf solution.Luckily things change quickly, as always, with this technology. Customized software companies began to circulate online. While critics may claim the Internet is not fast enough, not enough insurance companies and other companies understand the value and cost savings associated with the movement of the enterprise information network. There are several reasons for this change. First, the Internet has quickly and the bandwidth of the server is easier. With the advent of cloud computing power of servers has the reason for the change is commodity.Another Web programming languages ​​is spreading rapidly in most software is moving online. Today people use the calendar, webmail, social networking sites and text editors, such as spreadsheets over the Internet. This is consistent with the development of web programming languages, more mature, stable and secure. Microsoft’s position was very strong in recent years, the ASP and ASP.NET developers for many universities and companies have learned, probably because the dominant role of Microsoft in the software industry in general. Recently in programming languages ​​such as Perl, PHP and Ruby on Rails will open more and more popular. One reason is that languages ​​are fast, there are many publicly accessible information about the software development programmer with them, and they need to buy any code editor (IDE). If you are a small or medium now, and have more control over business processes, cost, employees, customers or other business data, the ability to change or develop, look for their business applications from scratch using PHP and MySQL. This saves money, information for anyone interested quickly and easily, and is a scalable solution that can grow in the long term .

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