Cut, Copy and Paste Data

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You can use the Cut, Copy and Paste commands to move or copy data. For example, you might cut or copy a picture from a Word document and paste it elsewhere in the same Word document, in another Word document or in a PowerPoint slide or a Publisher file.

When you cut data, it is removed from its original location; when you copy data, Office makes a duplicate of the selected data, leaving it in its original location. In addition to using the Cut, Copy and Paste commands to move and copy data, you can also use drag and drop.

Drag and Drop Data

Drag and Drop Data

  1. Select the data that you want to cut or copy.
  2. Click and drag the data to a new location.
  3. Release the mouse to drop the data in place.
    The data appears in the new location.

Cut and Copy Data

Cut and Copy Data

  1. Select the data that you want to cut or copy.
  2. Click the Home tab.
  3. Click the Cut button to move data or the Copy button  to copy data.
    The data is stored in the Windows Clipboard.
  4. Click the point where you want to insert the cut or copied data.
    You can also open another file into which you can paste the data.
  5. On the Home tab, click the Paste button.
    A The data appears in the new location.



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