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To examine the ethical, you need to set ethics. Today we think of ethics, “a rational process based on certain principles.” But I think that the definition is more to this project, the theory of ethics, which was in ancient Greece. No, the ethics of research, which is good for the individual and society. We see several problems with the network and how they can be good and / or bad for society. cyber ethics is simply the study of ethics on the Internet.
“Ethics begins when elements of the system of moral conflict.”
Cyber ​​Ethics often referred to as systems of ethics. Ethics in information systems as “moral issues associated with research in information and communication technologies, is ethical and legal” are described
There are many challenges before us this information. They are due to the nature of the information. Data are the means by which to expand the mind and improve their ability to fulfill its objective of achieving often pass through the mind of another. Taking knowledge is intellectual capital that people create their lives, and the insurance dignity.However, create intellectual capital is vulnerable in many ways. For example, human capital suffered by people every time you lose personal information, without compensation if denied access to valuable information about them, when to stop the information, or if they know that the information depends on the life on it the error. The social contract between the people of the information age must deal with these threats to human dignity. Ethical questions are needed Ethics.Ethics manifold system data information systems to solve these ethical problems. Privacy: What is with you or tell the person the company needs the other, on what terms and what guarantees? What keeps them to himself, and forced the accuracy of others will tell you: Who is responsible for the accuracy, precision and accuracy of the information? It is also responsible for the accuracy of health information and how to give a victim of the properties: Who owns the data? What are the prices and the right to change it? Who owns the channels, such as the airways, through which the information is sent? As the access to this scarce resource is determined by access to: What is the knowledge that the person or organization has the right or privilege to obtain, analyze under what conditions and an ethical system, and evaluate information or the development of moral values the information or the new power structures of information, myths, or discrepancies provides theory of intentionality, as well as information about the hidden and the practices or the development of ethical conflicts in information. etcNow look at privacy in the following examples. Several years ago, Florida legislators decided to monitor the bathrooms are in Tallahassee Community College, whether the facilities are fully utilized. Students and teachers protested vehemently that redirects the user’s privacy is violated. Government officials said that the value of information obtained through the study of the greater threat to privacy was. Other things are used as gathering information about the use of private Internet users around the traffic-management policies should be integrated with this information for illegal purposes. Privacy issues need to avoid the interests of freedom because, in the year together. The question I was thinking when he built my page, it ethical to take a picture of the home page and use the site without crediting the source. These are ethical questions has property.One basic themes such as online games and pornography are the firestorms of controversy in cyberspace is the simple fact that so many people have access to web pages. In short, if someone had access to pornography, do not worry. In this issue of “censorship” has been treated successfully, is not easy to implement. Ethical questions may also religious and moral questions are not easy other.These with.Similarly as “censorship” in China. China’s Internet censorship methods are more difficult to avoid, people do not know how the Internet works. It is for example the Internet is censored in China – forbidden words are censored time. Since users in China requires home inspection is the first government blocked the servers are not prohibited, if a term such as “democracy” exists. Censors rights are actively looking for people with the Internet, blocking sites on the Internet surfing fit.Crimes also add manner.Computer crime is still a general term for crimes such as identity theft, fraudulent use of credit cards, bank robbery, child pornography, espionage , kidnapping children via chat rooms, fraud, cyber terrorism, viruses, spam, etc.All these crimes are the crimes related to computer easily. Several recent cases I have seen a Web page, Microsoft has reduced the short term, there will be a big loss for Microsoft. NuSTAR is also one of the best universities in Pakistan and the effect of a different domain controlled. Credit card fraud has grown more and more sense. The withdrawal of military information over the Internet is another criminal on the Internet. The software like Google Earth, the information on the different types of shows known countries such as the military could lead to flight project, it is an ethical problem in the world. Many people are opposed to leak information, but we can not deny that this technology.The one of the major improvements, where the information about these crimes and the police will be built, but this task is a difficult task. To operate since the first law of computer crime, fraud and forgery devices and Abuse Act 1984 seek to identify and governments to stop online crime. The FBI in a few countries have tried many programs and studies to prevent Internet crime, how to create a registry offense for the employer. The fact is that online criminals are seldom caught. One reason is that hackers use a computer, from one country to another computer intrusion into another country. And crime does not act alone. Freely organized groups – security experts, which they called “Gangs of the Web” – carry many illegal online activities. Band structure of the Internet can be modeled, in which team members may not be able to communicate with each other, and perhaps not aware that they are working with traditional organized crime for.Conclusion: We live in exciting a great story. The widespread availability of computers and the Internet offers unprecedented opportunities to communicate and learn. Unfortunately, although many people use the Internet in an effective and useful tool for communication and education, and some people are purposes.We with the power of the Internet criminal or terrorist can limit the damage that these people to learn and teach to young people how we are using the Internet safely and responsibly. The term “cyber ethics” refers to consult a safe and responsible Internet community. Cyber ​​Ethics practice requires an understanding of the risks of illegal and harmful behaviors, and learn to self and other Internet users, that to protect such behavior. It is also important to teach young people who are not aware of the potential risks to themselves and others how to surf the Internet safely and responsibly .

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