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Gone are the times when most authors could relax and let their publisher sell their book for them. Nowadays, in a climate of increasing commercialisation, the majority of authors, both new and established, are discovering that they get no help at all. For the self-published (a rapidly expanding market) this has always been largely the case, but now nearly all authors are faced with the task of having to market and publicise their own book. The prospect is a daunting one, but without some form of self-input it is rare for any book to sell in significant quantities. However, exactly what needs to be done to generate sales, and to create a reputation for a book, is often a mystery. Thus, Seriously Useful aims to demystify the processes in a concise, lively, and highly readable way. Although primarily concerned with making sales, it also offers some very useful pre-publication advice, including the options and benefits of self-publishing. In addition it reveals some essential inside inform

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Seriously Useful Author’s Guide to Marketing and Publicising Books

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Marketing Guide Book

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