Cyber Monday is Like Black Friday, But in the Warm

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Have you ever heard of Cyber Monday? Well, if you have shopped online before, you have probably heard this term that was coined in 2004. This is the internet version of Black Friday, which is the huge shopping day on the Friday after Thanksgiving.Everyone knows that shoppers go wild for the day after Thanksgiving sales. You probably know people who get up at 4am just to camp out in front of a store that opens at 7am so that they can get 50% off the DVD player they want. Maybe you know a mother who stands in line for hours just to get that new Elmo toy her child just has to have this Christmas season.Many people just do not have the desire to fight the crowds at the mall looking for a parking space on Black Friday, so every year they miss out on the great deals. Well, Cyber Monday is the solution to this problem! Surfing on the internet can be the only shopping you do this holiday season if you decide you do not want to hit the mall.Online retailers offer great sales, discounts and even free shipping usually. It is the kickoff to the online Christmas shopping season. The reason why Monday is a busy shopping day is because many shoppers who could not find their item on Black Friday return to work Monday, get on their computer and start looking for it.If you are someone who does not enjoy crowds, but still wants to find the same great deals, spend some time researching what the deals will be on Cyber Monday. You might be shocked at what great discounts and perks you can get without ever having to leave your house, fight any crowds or gas up your car.

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