Debt Consolidation Loans – Attracting Borrowers To Get Rid Off Their Multiple Debts

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Some of the most popular loan products in UK, debt consolidation loans act as saviours for those in debts. Survey conducted by a leading financial website states that six million Britons have taken out debt consolidation loans in the last three years. This means every one in seven debtors resort to consolidation loans when things get out of hand. These loans don’t only consolidate the debt in to a single manageable loan, but they can greatly save money on interest rate.If you are paying too much interest on different credit cards, personal loans and store cards, you better take a debt consolidation loan. The interest charged on credit and store cards is generally very high. The interest you pay on the new loan, which will pay off all your running debts, will be far less than the one you are already paying on credit cards. That way, you save on your monthly outgoings.The loan tenure i.e. the repayment period for debt consolidation loans is longer as well. So, you can spread the huge amount into smaller installments. However, take caution as you may end up paying more if you have your multiple loans running on a low rate of interest. Recent studies by a business review website showed that unsecured debt consolidation loans are more popular than their secured counterparts. The average debt consolidation loans stand at £13,000, states the research, with 360,000 people borrowing more than £50,000. More women than men are lured toward unsecured debt consolidation loans to pay their hefty credit cards and shopping bills.However, with individual insolvencies increasing like anything in the UK, the market lenders are sceptical to grant unsecured debt consolidation loans. And if they grant, the APR is generally very high. Secured debt consolidation loans [] are more preferred by the UK lenders, since the risk ratio in these loans is low and so is the rate of interest.

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