Developing Your Pay-to-Play Strategy

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It used to be that you could simply optimize your Web site using traditional organic search engine optimization techniques, as described, which would enable you to place high in the major search engines and would create a great deal of exposure for your product or service offerings. This can still be accomplished; however, with thousands of Web sites competing for the top positions on a given search results page, it is becoming an increasingly more challenging task. This is why many businesses are leaning toward PPC online advertising models to generate targeted exposure for their sites, and in turn
their services and products. So what options are available to enable businesses to create targeted exposure for their Web sites, and how can businesses with minimal advertising budgets utilize these advertising models to increase their visibility
online? In this chapter, we cover:

Pay per click refers to the advertising model in which advertisers pay when someone clicks on the ad and is delivered to their Web site.

  • Maximizing exposure through the Google, Yahoo! Search, Bing, and social media advertising networks
  • Expanding your reach with contextual advertising
  • Geo-targeting ads to better communicate with your target market
  • Dayparting and how you can capitalize on increased traffic levels during specific time periods
  • Developing effective landing pages for your ads.

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