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If you plan to start a business, information systems can be a factor in his plans at a certain time. Activities require a certain type of applications and information provided by the question – if the solution is simply an Excel spreadsheet or something more advanced and automated than QuickBooks Pro or Enterprise Resource Management System. Topics such as data recovery, data protection, security, Web filtering, etc., has to think about the employer. This is the first in a series of articles, which now included the owner and the new capabilities of information technology in the complex plans for his company. The first edition introduced the idea of ​​disaster recovery and business backup.As information, it is necessary to define what is a disaster, time to take action to restore, and that these systems are for the essential function of the company significance. How long can the company in safe mode or nothing at work when all systems are available. What about email? If mail is not accessible to everyone, how long can you survive? Telephone System? Accounting systems? Your Site? What is a disaster for your business? Here are some events that you think: Update software, servers or workstations that are not damaged, or data.
Transferring data from main memory, missing or incorrect information.
Theft devices.
Fires, floods, hurricanes and other natural phenomena.
Working virus – as well as medical and computer technology.
When hazardous materials, chemical spills, gas leaks, etc.
Failure.For communication systems for disaster recovery, there are two parts to apply for information – the backup and, more importantly, to recover the data. These two differences are very important. For example, I had one job to another, the health center, which was struck by lightning, and I go from the network. After the surgery online, I went into the night. The next day, the President has acted as the accounting and accidentally pressed the button that the end of the year on books and the conversation went something October.The closed:
“Could you please restore the financial information? Be completed Accidentally on books this year.”
“You have a backup?”
“Yes, backup every night.”
“Perfect, I’m here in an hour.” After installation, I asked where I find the machine, the backup tapes. The software is BackupExec, I knew that the good programs. I can control myself on the screen and watch as the last time the backup works. Yesterday evening perfectly. Well, what is it? Uh-oh – two cases, a list of WordPerfect and the other was the home directory. I looked at the tapes – the same thing. Networks can not be secured, or at least nothing that must be important for accountants System.IO to go to the President and the bad news. Sorry, but the backups are useless. Backup camera does not have sufficient permissions to save the data correctly, it must be saved. The last thing you did before the backup account that has sufficient rights to see, all information that is installed for backup. I returned the next day to verify the backup was successful and the data were archived correctly. Thus, the information is correct. If the backup process, the company introduced an all-day care of personal networks and computers. There was a small thing, a state of emergency in order to support all of the information correctly, the backup process should run as an administrator, the user can read all files and folders. There are three takeaways Event: 1.Watch and check the backups are performed to the end without errors, and fuses that have been identified as important.
2.Identify responsible to monitor and verify the backups done properly. This person should be, but the person is responsible for ensuring that the fuse was located.
3.Verifying backups were only half done. You need to practice to get the documents and verify the data collected readable.Restoration most important task of data backup. This concept seems obvious, but not often. You can use the backup, and are available in a month, without fear of data records is performed one eye. Then the day comes that you need to restore the files, programs, or worse, a server. This is not the time to learn how to recover the file. Activities may be limited, they do not work, because the data unavailable.If one person company and the computer, find online backup service protects corporate data for a fee. Some of these services can be very inexpensive. You might think virtualization. Depending on the expert computer, you can use VMware tools that can perform a technique called virtualization of physical systems, virtual (P2V). P2V Virtualization allows one computer, while leaving intact the physical machine. In case of problems (errors) within a reasonable time, you can clone your computer. The virtual machine is completely valid, but at least you did not miss anything, such as account information, or an accrual basis, or a database of all major customers and contacts.For large systems with centralized servers, virtualization is a good choice, but above all, the data may be incorrect. Then there is another option for you, in which the company pays the backup software and media. “Do it yourself” data backup is an open source solution called Zmanda. The first advantage is that the software is installed and used. Just be sure you read the requirements are effectively enforced. Larger implementations can be outsourced, too. Personally, I do not have to take full control of negative information, but the solution is just like any other solution, “the cloud”. If you are not at home, may be outside of the best solutions for the environment. In Phoenix, was the architect who is the only all his drawings become available in digital form. Shortly after the changeover, the building was set on fire and completely destroyed the building. When disaster strikes, whether the company has no plan of salvation, and life expectancy is 18 months before the company tries to recover from a collapsed disaster. Companies of all sizes need to set up an emergency plan, or someone to develop a plan. Not if catastrophe happened, unfortunately, is a question of when, and how. If you’ve never been a mistake, which is great. But if so, is ready to come later – but until then, please visit the website of Open Source Software @

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