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Displaying Advertisements in an Application

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One way that you may consider increasing revenue from your Windows Phone 7 applications is to display advertisements within some or all of the pages. An easy way to accomplish this is to download and install the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Mobile on your development computer and insert the Ad Control (provided as a separate assembly within the download) into your pages.

The Ad Control calls the Microsoft Ad Exchange to fetch an advertisement each time it is displayed. Typically, this is a small image that displays above the application bar in the phone and does not dramatically decrease the space available to your application UI. When a user clicks the advertisement, either a page on the advertiser’s web site is displayed in a browser within the context of your application, or the Ad Control can initiate a phone call to the advertiser. You will receive payment from Microsoft based on the number of impressions displayed.

Microsoft Ad Exchange is an exchange where advertisers can bid for advertising slots on Windows Phone 7 devices. It automatically selects a suitable advertisement to display based on the properties you specify for the Ad Control and the advertiser’s profile and other parameters within Microsoft Ad Exchange. You can specify values that influence the way that the exchange selects an advertisement. These properties include the type of application, keywords you provide,
demographic information, if available (for example, if you collect this in your application through a registration process), and current location data if you collect this as the application executes and update it in the Ad Control properties.

For more information about the Mobile Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft Advertising Exchange for Mobile, see “Monetize your Windows Phone 7 Apps” on the Microsoft Advertising website (


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