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We include this topic here just to provide the end-to-end view implied in Fig. 3.1 though we have indirectly covered it earlier along the way. 3D displays include the following:

  • glasses-based displays—anaglyph;
  • glasses-based displays with active shutter glasses;
  • glasses-based displays with passive glasses;
  • non-glasses-based displays, lenticular;
  • non-glasses-based displays, barrier;
  • non-glasses-based displays, two views, tracked;
  • non-glasses-based displays, nine views, video + depth input (internal conversion to multi-view);
  • non-glasses-based displays, 2x video + depth.

Tables 1.2 and 1.3 provided a synopsis of the technology, also with a perspective on what was commercially available at press time.

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