Drug Cartels are Taking Control of their Supply Chain – Surprised? Don’t Be!

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A recent news report was quite telling, entitled; “Mexican Drug Cartel Assassins Claimed on the Loose” which was featured on Channel 3 News in Arizona – it was apparently about a leaked memo from the Dependent of Homeland Security.What are my thoughts and opinion on this topic? “Hmm – like anyone is “really surprised” about this. After all in the Machiavellian world of drugs, guns, and arm sales – this is pretty much a given. The drug cartels need to insure supply chain product flows, or their business model fails – and since they already operate well outside the law and well within the underground economy – nobody or their brother ought to be too terribly surprised.”In fact, I am amazed that this is actually news or those in the enforcement agencies didn’t already know this, it’s not like illegal drug sales are anything new – nor are the tactics being used. “Think people,” said one of our think tank members the other day when addressing this issue, and then he told us a story of what it was like in Los Angeles as the Crips and Bloods ran the street, they basically owned the streets, he explained.Thus, when I read about the drug cartels taking control of their supply chain and then sending in assassins, I just laughed, because MS-13 has been killing other drug gang members, recruiting US citizens, and clearing the way to distribute their drugs, guns, and anything else they can make money on. That’s the way they do it, everyone with half-a-brain knows this. And if the naïve masses watching TV think this is something new or the leaked memo stating such from Homeland Security is a revelation of some type – well, I just cannot comprehend anyone living in such a blind-folded world.Of course, this whole issue gets back to the challenges at the borders, the corruption of security officials, the vast illegal underground money flows, and the reality that there is an unfortunate demand problem in the US for the drugs in the first place. So, what’s the answer? Some say legalize drugs, but that’s no answer, drugs of this type are a real problem in our society, and when someone gets addicted – well, we all lose, and it tears apart families, as I am sure we’ve all heard stories.We are going to have to get serious about our borders, or these issues will continue to get out of hand, as if they aren’t already at crisis mode. Please consider all this.

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