Fail to Make Payment After College Student Loan Consolidation – What’s Next?

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Due to the global economy crisis last year, many people started to consolidate their student loans after graduation. They were taking advantage of the student debt consolidation which offers a 6-month to 12-month grace period. Since they are facing the difficulties to look for a job, they make use of the grace period to defer their payments. However, time flies very fast. Based on the current economy situation, getting a job is indeed hard. For those people who have already consolidated their student loans but they are still struggling to make monthly payment after the grace period, what can be done to assist them?Don’t worry if you really can’t make any repayment when you are really jobless and have zero income. The suggestion here is looking for forbearance. It would be at least a temporary fix for you that you will be able to suspend your monthly loan repayment temporarily. This quick fix is useful if you are not qualified for a determent but you are qualified on the basis of financial hardship.You can approach your lender and apply for forbearance. This effort is indeed important as it helps you to delay your payment for several months and it will not have too many negative effects on your credit score. The duration can make a big difference where you are given some time to accumulate some cash through a part time job or freelance work.To sum up, applying for forbearance is a temporary solution that provides you some breathing room to manage your cash flow.

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