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False Statements and Criminal Defense

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If a person is accused of a crime, he or she may be unaware of his or her legal options following an arrest or filed charges. Immediately following notification, the person may not know where to turn for help or how to defend themselves against charges that are being brought against them.While most people are aware that they have the right to defend themselves in a court of law, many do not understand how serious criminal trials can be. It is essential to note that making false statements to police or during trial can have severe consequences later on. When it comes to criminal proceedings, it is important to be truthful and not attempt to conceal any evidence or details, especially when it comes to speaking in front of a judge or jury.If you are accused of making false statements, the individual accused may face additional criminal charges on top of those that he or she is already facing. Persons who are called in to testify may also be charged with making false statements if they try to conceal any details from the investigators or the court.Actions that may warrant criminal prosecutions may include:
Incorrectly identifying oneself
Intentionally misrepresenting oneself to gain advantage of a situation
Making fraudulent statements
Using or creating an intentionally fraudulent document
People who attempt to gain advantage over others by falsely identifying themselves, or by misrepresenting their intentions may be charged with making false statements. In addition, the use of fake contracts, forged identification, or other fraudulent items may also be reason for prosecution.If you are charged with a crime, it is important to remember that you have rights under the law and are presumed innocent until proven guilty. You do have options for defending yourself against criminal charges and are allowed to present your side of the case. By consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney, people who are accused of felonies and misdemeanors may bring in evidence, submit testimony, and bring in witnesses to defend their actions.When it comes to false statements, it is important to remember that misrepresenting yourself in order to commit a crime can be a serious charge. It is important to defend your rights and your livelihood if you have been wrongly accused of such a crime. For more information on false statements and criminal defense, visit the website of the Austin criminal defense lawyer Ian Inglis. 

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