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Five fatal mistakes business analysts

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Market research can provide immeasurable benefits for the company to power through the simplicity and allow the construction quality of IT systems to support and accelerate the work of analysis can result in untold suffering success.Bad society and locked workers in procedures for complex systems, and ineffective, with the support of the poor, give to severely restrict the development of the company, or even pour enterprise.In that good analysis flawed analysis is simple, as many analysts choose to analyze the bad news? I have a list of five errors that cause the majority of the projects, business analysis one.Fatal goes wrong error message: Business project is too small will not solve every level in the analysis. start.For key to the success of the project with the needs of society is determined by a majority of company executives. Unfortunately this is rarely the case, or how ineffective it is a total waste of time.The three main reasons why it is not done:
Analysts do not know how beginners

Senior analysts believe that it is not necessary

Leaders of their responsibility
Analysts AnalystNovice inexperienced beginners often feel afraid of the idea to interview senior officials from the company. They are afraid of making mistakes and wasting time with these people. So try to avoid them and seek other information, can learn how to enterprise.Being people usually go to the company, operating systems and hands on activities every day in society, in the belief that these people really know what necessary. WRONG! The people are fully in daily contact with existing systems, without doubt, and very aware of the defects, and some have overcome plenty of ideas and creative ways to these shortcomings. Rookie Analyst then a list of ideas and of course I think they are real business needs. Crap! analyst analysts seniors who were from the company for a long time to “know” what you need employs. They saw it all. Trade shows are the “experts” do not have to ask the administration and lived longer than any other managers.So the role of leadership and the government’s second list of requirements, like many times before. WRONG! senior executive officers, directors or managers are busy people. They have more worries than the computer screen to be similar to or greater than the optimization of business processes should be. For this reason, business analysts and IT department.If the interview, the answer is often: “You’re the expert systems, this is what you pay for Get out of here We believe ….” Flattered, said that the trust department is in contact with him. WRONG! What’s wrong with that? All attempts before to start a project the entire list of proposed improvements by the rookie analyst to decide the evils of existing systems and the efficiency of existing systems to improve what they do, but what they do, that the company needs? Systems often something that must be installed by Bill once, but now it is far from what is necessary. Were effective, has a perverse way, to accelerate the company at the wrong place. The analyst has to learn that not the age on the experience and longevity is not increased learning.If analyst is only as good and competent analysis of what the company needs, and that the system has to change again? Analysts are not, and never of themselves as experts in the field of economy. Analysts are experts in the analysis – and to ensure good analysts good are.A analyst always that the needs of each business plan is to be clearly defined by the government to do before further.What if the leaders do not want to make their time to sacrifice, to explain what you need? Easy – Finish the project would be unwise and irresponsible to do otherwise!. If the manager is not willing to take the time to say what the ship is designed to do and where you are going to tied up, there is no team to go and hope for the best. Neither the analyst or supervisor does not “confidentiality” as an excuse to cause or to provide the necessary information. This is the best to stop “the project company time, effort and money, how blindly forward bias something that wasting the company benefit, and not make mistakes 2 fatal. Modeling How do the current job market, that this error is due to an error , Done.This was disturbed, if for any reason, to meet with senior management. that the company will make all paths, the error paths.For Rookie Analyst poor is understandable, since most analysts say inexcusable.As errors novice analysts inexperienced people mistakenly believe that the conversations with people in modern operating systems, each day is the perfect place to learn in order that the company requires. Senior analysts know exactly what the company needs, should the shoulders, the production of certain business models or documents outside the building or changing the system so as to documents or a junior analyst at the document that already enterprise.At at this point, that some analysts may be willing, that what pass, does the insurance cover, the company is not mandatory, but should pass the right questions it, to make a mistake to think that we will use analytical skills to deduce what happened must, because it is happening now. WRONG! This is probably the most common mistake in the world and is arguably the most important reason why many IT departments do not provide a significant improvement in the activity. Try to understand what happing in society compared to trying to deduce what must be in a five-star restaurants, garbage cans are carried out, with back.Fatal Error 3: Using a modeling technique for modeling business processes, Main. The process of model All Tech Business Process Management (BPM) is a concept ascendancy.The business processes that cross departments and a strong need to approve all departmental organizations are running in different individuals.However is not what happens in society is a business process, and should not be modeled as such. The application of modeling in this way is a huge waste of time, effort and money. Which graphs are 300% more than necessary, manufactures and lose up to 30% of the core business. When people try to speed up the introduction of the structure to stop the flawed logic, because the processes are structurally linked to the network, not hierarchies.The modeling is ideal for modeling all the functions in whole or in part, modeling of business processes. This is true on three levels:
Everything that happens in society must be the company

The companies have a hierarchical structure

The model does not produce unnecessary
4 Fatal error:. Modeling the “how” and not “. What’Having made the mistake of the past, analysts, then all the mechanisms compared to the modeling features of the processes and procedures in other words, the model” as is “and” what “error, the in almost the whole modeling industry is widespread, and how it can be shown that most of the “modeling” to sell tools for modeling, primarily procedural. Sad story is that most analysts do not know, difference.Fatal error 5: Data Modeling FunctionThe the final separation of the error, the call is not so much the company separated the people “business intelligence” and “Data Analysis” This division into two levels can take place.:
Do organizations that use or manufacture of “analysts”, the data analysis.

Analysts to analyze the data in order to search for items in a completely different data sources used by business analysts to analyze functions.
All good business analysts are able to analyze the data. Contrary to popular belief, it is not black magic, and can easily be done as the BI Analyst – Workout clothes, if valid data is essential for any company, the functions of the company’s support – no more and no less. Yes, all the necessary information for data elements – entities, attributes and relationships – can be found in materials from the same source, which the company operates. In short, all the names in the name of a business unit of data or Attribute.However, although analysts do not model business, but the systems and procedures, data modeling elements are correct to find! They are located in all major mistake? Unfortunately, yes. All blogs on the Internet for business analysis and requirements definition and see what mean.Is is a simple solution to the following rules, the principle of changes in operations or systems development projects to apply?
Ask your boss that the company should do.
Never blindly deduce what must be in society, what is being done to be done. It’s a bit more fun – but expensive – the mystery of the analysis, which can bring no benefit to society.
Never use a process model as a basic model and does not interrupt the process. Modeling the role of modeling is the only place to do it.
Each of the model, what must happen to the current state of affairs is now doing the opposite. If you solved the “what” and “obligation” that can model the business processes define how to do this.
The data model is exactly the same starting material, the corporate functions .

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