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The Carcassonne includes family games aboard the original Carcassonne, Carcassonne: The City Carcassonne: the Castle, The Kids of Carcassonne, the New World: A game of Carcassonne and more. All these games are fun for students and their friends can play family.Some and students already in the basic version of Carcassonne, which pins (little people of wood) construction of cities, roads claiming, farmland, and monasteries holing. What they do not know, the sets of expansion that is much more strategy and fun to an already existing extensions add game.Several Funboard – Traders & Builders, The River (now included in the game base), King & Scout, the princess and the dragon, Inns & Cathedrals and much more. Two of them are traders and manufacturers and Inns and Cathedrals, Carcassonne often as important additions to the database. Any expansion will bring more and more tiles Meeple such as pieces of wood for the game. Traders & Builders also adds some original sheet (as in baseball) marked pieces of cardboard representing wine.Traders cloth, grain and barrels and manufacturer with the participation of dealers and manufacturers Meeple players get a builder who can make a additional train.If you choose a standard Meeple place in a city or on the road and extend it later to a structure, contact your manufacturer on the new disk. The next time you have a tile, the city or to add on the road with your builder, you will immediately draw and play another tile tile.Some the new town to the expansion of Traders & Builders with a cloth , a barrel of grain or the icon labeled. The player who finishes a city receives one or more of these tiles suitable home plate-shaped symbol -. Although the city pions n s’ t one of those players include “At the end of the game, which the majority of tokens in each resource adds a bonus of 10 points on his score. If a player would have a majority of the first three it would have 30 bonus, the new pig points.You Meeple by adding it to an area where you have a steady increase in use value Meeple adjacent in the city rankings point to the end of the game. Inns & Guesthouses CathedralsThe fun board & Cathedrals expansion includes tiles with some pensionsthe streets. This can be seen actually more to the blue pond, next to each guest house. If you add one of these tiles to one of your streets, you double the score for this path when it is completed. The problem is that if the road is not completed by the end of the game, you zero points for patching tiles expansion also has two cathedrals, the thrust of scores 3 points for each tile in a closed city. Once again, however, when a city with a cathedral remains unfinished game ‘End, a count of zero points.In adding new tiles, you also get a mega-Meeple Inns & Cathedrals. He looks about twice as large as a normal Meeple, and its value is twice the normal as well. If the big guy in a city or a road, it counts as two pieces makes it easier for you to steal a structure of your opponent or defend against invaders.Since scores will be significantly higher, even with a single expansion , Inns & Cathedrals help provide scoring tiles. These have the number 50 on one side and 100 on the other. They award aTile – up to 50 – a player who finishes a tour of the track score of 50 points of the original board game Carcassonne. If a player completes second round, turn on the tiles. For travel further around the track, just price tiles.Carcassonne more: The castle is the only board game fun in this family, which is limited to a maximum o two players: The CastleCarcassonne. Another limitation is the area where you can play tiles. To configure the game, you rebuild the castle walls (which doubles as a scoring track) as the border of a puzzle. Then all the tiles play within the walls. Tiles Castle shows four areas where you can place your pieces – tan lines, has gray, red, towers, green patios. Place a tile similar to a road under this action in the original Carcassonne. Tile road has doubled over a well with a value of this road. The fortresses are worth 2 points per tile and the towers of 1 point per tile if everyone is ready. As agriculture in Carcassonne, located on a farm in the castle, you ‘remain there until LLEnd of the game. Here are your results for each attempt in the same Meeple area.On the scoring track, you randomly on chips configuration time bonuses. If your score take Meeple land on a space with a chip you collect them for future use. These chips usually give end-game bonus. For example, you could be a sign that you have an unfinished structure, zero otherwise ends, if all games were played points.The tiles in the walls of the castle score possible. It is still empty inside of the field. The player with the highest tower built a bonus equal to the number of squares in the largest area.Carcassonne Untiled: The CityCarcassonne: The city is a fun game board in this family, the student may appeal. Besides the usual broken tiles, each player has several wooden towers, which is against parts of the wall tiles around game.At in the second stage of the board installation time will be built are placed randomly in the tiles 3 groups consisting of 20 stones, 25 and 30. You start playing with the larger group. If this group of tiles is gone, thesecond stage begins. The tiles are selected from the middle group, and the wall will soon begin.Whenever someone scores – including a structure on the tiles – each player adds one part of the wall around the board. The first section is actually a special door, and all subsequent panels are constructed from two direction.When is placing a portion of the wall (no door), you can put a top Meeple the wall. This action can achieve bonus points at the end of the match. If the row or column of tiles in front of your stretched Meeple no tiles with gray building on it, you ‘ll get 2 points and 3 points per building if the building is a banner related it.When ‘s time to build the wall in step 2, each player adds a section. Then the player who finished the scoring that triggered the construction of the wall creates the possibility of placing one of his tricks at the end of the wall (the longest, usually). He scores for each section of wall between the tower and the tower before (or door). Many tiles have grass surfaces (similarthe cities of Carcassonne in the original) who is a red, blue or yellow to market. If any of these areas is completed, the score is the number of tiles times the number of colors inside. 2 different colors so that each doubled the score, and with three colors, they have tripled. Including roads, four stones or more guests double.When all the tiles in the group are used in step 2 have been played are the last group is open. Well, if you cause the scoring, each player places two panels (one at a time in motion). The game ends when all tiles are played or the ends of the wall in five sections of each other.Fun games such as Carcassonne family described here and others that are available to players almost certainly among the students who find well enjoy the strategy and tactics needed to play well and win.

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