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Georgia Trucking Laws Overview

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Georgia, also called the Peach State, is well known for its culture and history. It played a big role in the creation of modern law and government. Georgia is also fairly large compared to other states in the U.S. Atlanta is its biggest and most active city, also a tourist attraction to many. Considering its size and location on the east coast, it’s no surprise that Georgia has many transportation roads, including 17 interstate highways and 26 major routes. These roads serve as access points to and from Georgia but are also crucial to the transportation of goods.Naturally, many of the major routes and highways of Georgia contain large trucks, some for cargo and some for personal use. Some of the larger tractor-trailers can even weight up to 80,000 pounds; imagine if that collided with a 4,000 pound car. While this may seem like a horrible image, it actually happens. A truck accident can often times be fatal, even some minor ones. It is usually questionable as to who’s fault the accident is, but truck drivers are held to specific guidelines. Every truck driver is bound by the Georgia law of negligence. Any truck driver who is at question for the fault of an accident by breaking any of the rules or regulations of the road may be charged with negligence. These drivers must follow additional rules called the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, which include qualifications, working hour restrictions, alcohol and drug testing, and vehicle inspection. If any of these regulations are suspected to be violated, in the case of an accident, a Georgia attorney should be contacted.By Georgia law, interstate trucking companies are required to carry large insurance policies. The truck driver, truck company and insurer are responsible for any financial damage. Many times in a truck accident, a Georgia lawyer is involved and a settlement is reached in or out of court. Trucking and insurance companies can often be intimidating, but not with the help of an experienced law firm who completely understands the Georgia accident laws and road regulations.

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