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If you are involved yet never in the program – especially in natural resources, health and safety (OSH) or system (ERP) – you know, that the procedure is complex, require many actors and can take months or even years to see results to see. According to the information technology (IT) analyst at Info-Tech Research Group, 70% of the projects is not due to poor information systems requirements, and 50% of the repair requirements for the project because of problems [1]. characteristics and requirements of doing requirements is difficult. The requirements for an efficient management can help to identify and reduce risks and ensure that their systems begin to be a success, not statistics. Business requirements or the need to understand the needs of users, to determine the basis for the selection of software (or the development of internal projects) and is the basis for measuring the success of collaboration software. State of the system or not, and use the system. The needs of companies from different sources in different ways and at different levels of detail. These requirements may include business process design, training, documentation and user. Requirements to have sex can geographically sensitive (eg languages, local regulations), software requirements and organizational sensitive.Good deadlines and the scope of the project is Scope Creep not be minimized. They also reflect the needs of the organization have clearly defined priorities, specific, and represent the consensus of the major players. Demands on the organization’s business strategy and the EH & S and other needs “from” a desire to “get a good system specifications, which in turn leads to a better software.Requirements management software requirements are difficult to detect. Most of the time is the difference between business requirements and system. For example
End users can not only have a vague idea of ​​what should the system be;
Employees often lack the knowledge management activities must be compatible;
Applications in all directions, and the management is very complex and
Many organizations use the tools that are not good on the needs of management.
The requirements should be able to have the value of the organization. Requirements management is the process of identifying, detecting and monitoring changes in the configuration software. The purpose of Requirements Management is the probability that the demand for the development or maintenance of distributed applications executed correctly to maximize. Requirements management can be achieved via the central monitoring system for the relationship of objects and the requirements for peace and change control requirements. Often, analysts and project managers that aims to achieve without the support of experts, based on manual or a combination of desktop software and network drives [2]. FMD, HP, IBM, Borland, Telelogic, Compuware provides software and solutions for requirements management and lifecycle management, or as a stand-alone solution. These tools are used to build, test and monitoring requirements for business objectives and requirements capture capture objectives.Requirements a way to reach a consensus set of priority needs and capabilities of the software. E ‘, and does not ask people to describe their needs and to activate or software development. Appeal to experienced analysts who speak the language of business, and analysts to collect information IT.Systems (eg BHP) with end users to software requirements. Analysts experienced in a buffer zone between IT and users of the software. They understand what the requirements are, and does, and a record of the requirements analyst to the requirements of the PATH business requirements document, providing a general overview of the proposed system is a list of priority needs, organize the business processes (eg health and safety management events, activities, compliance monitoring, management, air emissions) includes capture, analyze description of the software, users and roles, unions, business processes and information flows traceabilityCollecting maps.Requirements a series of negotiations, the demands of business priorities, and to document is only the beginning. Requirements traceability throughout the entire life cycle of the system is a decisive factor in that the resulting software actually meets the needs of end users. Developed after the use of the document business requirements for software evaluation and selection, the organization, with the use of software such as real-life situations, how to use the EH & S software testing job software and check the prerequisites are met . If implemented throughout the organization, the requirements should be kept in a safe place for future happensRequirements reference.Change often change to the progress of the project and the development needs of the company. Changes are necessary in order to anticipate change inevitable. Implement a change management process to ensure that all changes are tested and products right reasons. Changes early in life a lot easier to handle than later. closing project teams often feel that there is no time for the performance and capture requirements, but somehow find the time and money to the problems solve themselves from the needs of the poor. There is no such thing as a perfect setting. The correct methods and processes can produce more quality software, best suited to achieve corporate objectives and drive the user to better adoption.References: [1]. Info-Tech Research Group, [2] Schwaber, C, Gerush, M. Forrester Wave: Requirements Management, Q2 2008, IBM and HP lead MKS, Telelogic, Compuware, Borland and loved ones, Forrester Research, Inc., 30 May 2008, http://www. articles on other topics can be found at the IT .

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