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Cost of EducationAs a large section of the students today opt for higher education, the cost of education has increased considerably, and the students are compelled to resort to educational loans after school. So for those who are staggering under a huge credit, the government student consolidation loan is a perfect boon!How Can a Government Student Loan Consolidation Help You?With a government student consolidation loan, the students can combine and consolidate their existing loans into a new one, and thus reduce their monthly debt payments. With less to spend on their debt repayments, students would find it easier on their pockets.The students get more time to repay the government loan consolidation. What’s more, its interest rate is far less than that of the others. This pulls down the monthly payment amount, making it easier for the students and their parents. A student gain would most from this loan if he takes it after graduating, when his grace period is yet to end. He can thus avail of the lowest possible rate of interest on the new consolidation loan. With this loan, a student can do with signing only a single check a month. One can even consolidate private loans, but it wouldn’t be possible to change the loans if he wants to go back to school.Who can Opt For a Government Student Loan Consolidation Program?Generally the students who have taken federal student loans are allowed to take a government student loan consolidation. It’s necessary for the students to have more than one loan, and that too without any arrear on the existing loans. The students need to pass out of school before they take this loan. The time period allowed for repayment would vary according to the amount of loan consolidated.The Loans that the Government Loan Can Consolidateo Federal Consolidation Loanso Federal Direct Consolidation Loanso HEAL/HPSL Student Loanso Parent Plus Loanso Perkins Loanso Stafford Loanso And many more…When you consolidate the federal student loans, not only would it reduce your number of loans, but will also give you a better credit score. You would not even need any credit check in this case, as the federal student loans are endorsed by the US government.You’d find the Government Student Loan Consolidation EasyYou can seek the help of the loan counselors in your school to know what steps you need to take to applying for these loans. Application for student loan consolidation quite easy- even an email or a phone call would be enough for applying and one could consolidate his loans within one to three months of applying.

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