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Who couldn’t use some holiday gift giving and shopping advice? Try these tips for shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, for mall shopping and starting a new tradition. You’ll manage your budget and have fun in the process!Understand mall shopping
• Take advantage of extended mall hours. Many stores are open from 8am to 11pm on the days leading up to Christmas.
• Peak shopping times are evenings and weekends; avoid going to the mall at those times.
• Tag team! Divvy up shopping chores with a friend.
• Leave your coat in the car to be comfortable inside the mall.Black Friday is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year. You, too, can get a piece of the shopping action.
• Read the Thanksgiving Day newspaper ads. Clip discount coupons.
• Early bird shoppers snag great deals, anywhere between 3:00am-11:00am. Plan your shopping route according to time-sensitive sales.
• Research big ticket items to understand exactly what you’re buying. A helpful website that provides professional advice on many products is
• Some stores honor competitors’ pricing so don’t leave home without the sales ads.
• Night owls can get special “web-only” internet deals as early as Thanksgiving Eve or as late as a few hours before Black Friday retailers open their doors for business.
• Many outlet mall stores open at midnight on Thanksgiving night, offering discounts to attract spenders even earlier.On Cyber Monday you’ll find terrific deals online. Before you start clicking in search of the internet deal of the year, read this advice.
• Do your homework beforehand. Go to a store where you can touch and feel the item so you’ll know exactly what you’re buying.
• Check e-tailer websites before Cyber Monday to see what deals they’re offering. Some will have a discount code. Others offer free shipping. Check online coupon sites for additional discount codes and coupons.
• Use Facebook and Twitter to click for offers from your favorite retailers.
• Shop online only from reputable stores that clearly indicate your personal and financial information is safe and secure.Consider these Shopping Tips for a Change of Pace
• Shop tax-free when possible to net instant savings of 4%-10%.
• Shop at one-of-a-kind stores offering unique merchandise.
• Shop at the supermarket or drug store on Black Friday for great deals and stocking stuffers. Drug stores have sales on items such as watches and perfume. Supermarkets offer varieties of teas, coffees, sweets, and kitchen items you can combine to make personalized gifts.
• Turn ordinary shopping into a fun, extraordinary holiday event (or maybe a new tradition). Consider these two examples:
• Check for hotels offering reasonable rates during the shopping season.
• Shop in your pajamas at Prime Outlet malls to receive additional discounts, coupons, goodie bags and chances to win prizes.Time and money is tight for so many. Whether you love the live, retail shopping experience or prefer shopping from the comfort of your armchair with your laptop at hand, these tips will ensure you get the most for your shopping dollars and time. You’ll be spreading holiday cheer in no time!

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