Home Equity Line of Credit – 6 Ideas For Making Your Equity Grow

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Take advantage of the equity you have built up in your house using a home equity line of credit. Interest rates are currently near all-time lows so the timing is good for those who have enough equity to borrow from their home.Instead of using the money to spend on expenses and more liabilities, such as a new car or an expensive vacation, why not take advantage of the money by investing it in opportunities that could end up paying you more later on? This can be a smart way to get ahead by creating more personal wealth.Consider these six ideas to help get started:1. Invest in a home improvement project that will help increase the resale value when you decide to move. Experts suggest that bathrooms, kitchens, basements and garages offer the most return for your money. Talk to a local real estate agent to get a sense for what offers the most value in your neighborhood and then put the cash to work. But be careful not to overspend – even a basic home improvement project can be enough to add value to your home.2. Consider putting some of your equity in a high-interest bearing investment such as preferred stock, a government bond or mutual fund. For this to make sense, the investment ought to be relatively safe and offer an interest rate higher than what you are currently paying on your home mortgage.3. Many great businesses are started with home equity lines of credit. If you have a great idea or even an existing business that needs some capital, consider using some of the equity in your home for this purpose.4. Think about investing in a rental property. Take advantage of the current low interest rates and purchase a rental property that will provide a stream of future cash flows over time. Use your home equity line of credit to make the down payment.5. Consolidate high-interest bearing credit cards to help potentially save thousands of dollars in finance charges. This could also help improve your credit score by lowering your utilization ratio – the amount of total debt to available credit. With an improved credit score, future loans can be secured with a lower interest rate.6. Invest in you! Using a home equity line of credit to go back to school or to take a class that will help you further along a career can pay great dividends for years to come. Studies show that people with bachelors degrees earn more than their peers who do not have one. The same is true for those with an advanced degree.Too many consumers use a home equity line of credit to get into even more debt. Avoid making this costly decision and instead think smart and invest for your future to truly get ahead.Save yourself the most time and money by applying for a home equity line of credit online with a company that provides multiple quotes from various loan providers.

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