How to avoid scams that occur in the firm’s organizational structure

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Personal and professional information is more important than ever. Criminal attempt, the data are crooks, but the benefits enormous. Here are some tips to help prevent fraud offers to install the company provides internet access to your company, use and update anti-virus and anti-spyware on all computers in the field. There is also a firewall on your computer or network to hackers to install RIP systems.Ensure team / s have the latest security software to prevent. 95% of the world’s systems, Windows software, this means that hackers can exploit loopholes in the system and was not updated, leaving the largest attacks by anti-criminal. What I can do your own business by preventing phishing is to train employees. It would be the training of new employees and employees to use their systems. Teach them how to work on fraud attacks, and avoid the Internet. Should be aware of the danger of false e-mails. Never suspicious e-mails that infect your computer software, keyloggers and phishing, click. Keyloggers can collect business and send the criminals who scam fraud customers.Encrypt sensitive files and password protected to keep using the mobile data into the wrong hands a scam. Not enter the password or store account statements and other sensitive components desk.File documents.Run fund candidates for new employees. Since the customer decision-making of the new business loan conditions, it is necessary to the story of the candidates who did not participate in any system of fraud and investigate for involvement in fraud. This step is very important before their sensitivity to the realization of these tips information.Please fraud in the company. You can use the latest scams and judging by the fraud, which affected the other companies participating in the training seminar on fraud prevention. Marcus Evans, a fraud of a high-profile conference, the presentations and shares her experiences on fraud that are there .

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