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City of Wonder is a wonderful game which takes you back in time. You know how hard it is, a city even building a game! It’s amazing how people are able to do so and was advanced to the point where we are today. The game is no exception in the world we live in today, whether we like it or not, we all need money. It ‘s the only thing that our society can work. In the City of Wonder, make money or better known as coins or gold are known, the movement is growing merchandise trade, with friends or even a click can be performed on messages. It’s so easy! Well, apparently not. People fight for money to build cultural buildings, to their people happy. And if your people are unhappy, you will fight to level up. It ‘s what happens in the real world as good tracks, unhappy people the death of a company. So how to get more money? I recommend you start your day with your embassy located in all of your allies ‘accounts. That alone minutes.That you large sums of money in less than 2, but money alonewill not suffice. To find out what goods are increasingly at the right time is essential. You must plan ahead. You can ‘t grow well, only two hours to ripen and you need to go for 4 hours. You will end up losing your money goes as a commodity! It is also important to buy wisely. Buy only the cultural buildings that you need. Not too much to spend on the decorations, though they could also help keep your employees happy. The main objective is to balance the money and keep your people happy. Make sure your employees are happy, because if they are not, you can go for the chance of expeditions, both miss it for trade, exchange or attack. You can also build wonders to require the help of friends. It ‘s FREE! And it will help your people happy for a long time. If you through the levels, you’ll notice that money is easier at higher levels. However, the construction, so that makes your employees happy and much more. Make sure the maximum amount of building materials in your city. This provides maximum earnings.All in all,City Master of Wonder is the use of good strategies and techniques to develop your city efficiently. Even if you expect to be checked once a day could level faster than someone who sits in front of their computers 10 hours a day!

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