Improving Your Poor Credit With a Home Equity Loan

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If you have quite a few debts, and if you find that this affects your credit score, you can help improve your poor credit by taking advantage of a home equity loan. One of the things about poor credit home equity loans is that even with bad credit you can still get one. The reason is that no matter your credit, your home is still worth something. Your home’s worth is independent of your credit history. With your home as collateral for a home equity loan, you can get a debt consolidation loan that can help you improve your poor credit score.How debt consolidation helps poor creditDebt consolidation is a method by which your smaller loans are paid off by a larger loan. This helps people with bad credit because it simplifies their bills, and makes them easier to pay. Usually, debt consolidation results in a monthly payment that is lower than the sum of the previous payments. The same is true of the interest rate. Instead of paying interest several times on various loans, it is only paid once, on one loan, and the rate is usually lower. This means that it is easier to pay the bills, and that a person has fewer late payments, incomplete payments, and fewer maxed out credit card accounts. All of this can help boost a credit score.Where a poor credit home equity loan comes inYou can use the equity in your home to consolidate your debts. In many cases, a loan large enough to pay off all of the smaller debts is unattainable without some sort of collateral. Even if you have bad credit, if you own a house you have collateral. You can use the ownership you have in your home to secure a larger loan to pay off all of your smaller loans. And on top of that, the interest payments you make are usually tax-deductible. By getting a loan consolidation using the equity in your home, you are waging war on your poor credit. However, you should realize that your interest rate will be higher if you have bad credit. But you can refinance to a lower interest rate in a couple of years when your credit improves. If you can spend less, and make your payments on time, you will find that your home equity loan really has helped you overcome your poor credit.

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