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BI market and software developers have contributed interesting movements driven by the economic situation and the member wishes, more integrated solutions for businesses. “The acquisition of software to increase Whales for consumers, governments and agencies, supplier of software for small and medium-compliance and aggressive competition in the market business intelligence software for the new non-traditional market is very complex markets.It (and sometimes inappropriate and a waste of time to try), the dynamic technology sector can be predicted, but may show the courage, certain trends: the integration of business intelligence applications based on the traditional system: the small and medium-sized hunger for accurate and useful Information also choose, the system tray with a significantly better than at home. Also, the Information Technology Platform software as the BI capabilities of some of the modules is known to change might be of interest to emerging companies. Second, begin commercial software company (currently the commercial systems) that can integrate BI as part of the offer, try to attract new customers and maintain regular dice ones.OLAP / average power placed in the appropriate places, and software components for Collaboration / Social appear in the world of Business Intelligence: Cut for some customers, and dice feature a lot of noise rather than true productivity of the business information needs. In addition, the requirement for urgent action at all levels of an organization to share and provide accurate and timely information. Then the creator of the BI action program for “intelligent applications for users of social networking experience into the” end of the generation of information about the penetration of social networks. OLAP functions are not removed, but uses a very specific kinds of users, avoiding waste.Performance resources, integrate the Reporting and Compliance: Quality Standards are increasingly becoming a problem for all of these and other requirements related to information you trust. This was observed, and some of the major BI software vendors have begun to include, improve performance reporting module that functions considerations.Visualization compliance with new models should: Many of the young artists, and users have a game console in their hands created. They enjoyed an exceptional display and graphics. At this point we have seen a very elegant interface and a functional view of data, it can be assumed that the new perspectives and management of large amounts of data through the interaction with new and exciting can be improved .

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