In a Vehicle Incident, Spy Gear Paraphernalia Wont Cost You Your Shirt

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Recently there has been a spate of news reports about planned road collisions “induced” accidents, these have not been movie set ups as you might expect with them being planned but they are performances, best caught on camera. All road users need to be aware of this new type of road crime because not only is it dangerous and costly to the motorist on the receiving end, as if busy roads are not enough to be dealing with as it is but you now need to be on the lookout for dangerous premeditated crashes.Staged motor accidents in which criminal gangs deliberately cause vehicles to crash in an attempt to make fraudulent insurance claims for damage and injuries are not a very nice place to be if on the receiving end, in such an event you need more than insurance, you need evidence.The perpetrator gets out of the car comes over apologizing, offering their name, address and insurance details so you give them yours to later contact your insurance company, a week or so later you receive a letter from your insurance company about the claim being made against you for damages and personal injury.A mistake easily made if you are unaware, did you have a witness, did they, do you have any proof that they in actual fact crashed into you and that they admitted it? If you don’t have this you are fighting a very difficult battle and if they do then I’m sorry but it’s virtually impossible to prove your innocence.I do not want to go into any more detail about how easy it would be to stage such an event because it might give the wrong people ideas so I will censor myself from giving too much detail.What do you do in an event of this nature, you record as much information as possible, luckily most of us carry mobile phones with cameras and video cameras so now is not the time to be shy, video the whole thing from the moment you can switch the video recording on. Do this even if you just record sound for fear of confrontation, do this even if you’re not on your own, evidence is important it will save you a lot of trouble in the long run, it is also a good deterrent later.There are some very interesting vehicle accident devices available that will record the force of the impact, the location through GPS tracking, record video and sound, you can even buy 3 camera security kits to be placed at the front, rear and blind side of your car, yes manufacturers take this problem serious.These can be quite expensive but they are cool toys as well as good practical safety/security items that can be used beyond the stated advantages, some of your journeys will be interesting to watch again even share, that’s cool.Fraudulent vehicle claims against the insurance industry are growing, and are now conservatively estimated to cost around £1,500 million each year in the UK. The average insurance bill per induced accident is £25,000 to £30,000, and the 2005 total cost to the insurance industry was estimated to be £200m.This kind of money drives your premium costs up.Fraudulent auto-insurance claims in Los Angeles County amount to over 65% of all such claims and according to the President/CEO of the Auto Club of Southern California, auto insurance fraud costs consumers in California over $500 million annually.Staged motor accidents in which criminal gangs deliberately cause vehicles to crash in an attempt to make fraudulent insurance claims for damage and injuries are a growing problem on both sides of the pond and the rest of the world. Manufactures do not make security devices in the hope that there is a market for them, distributor’s don’t stock them for fun anymore than a potential fraudster will thank you for having one but you will thank yourself, induced collisions are real.Knowing that you are not at fault is not enough if you need to prove it so being careful comes first.Prevention is better than cure, go to I spy gear.NET and we will tell you more.Personal I spy gear products that you already own are better than none.

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