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Information Systems und Trends

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Computer systems and technologies are an integral part of effective business and system organizations.Information is linked to the amount of information under the direct supervision of management, which has the same characteristics in common. The system typically consists of hardware, software, data, applications, communications and people when the information available to people, information, processes, data, reports, and information technology in their daily needs. In fact, it is technically implemented tool for recording, storing and disseminating linguistic expressions, and the conclusions from such expressions. It can systems.TYPES system information through the system can be divided into two basic forms1. ACTION SUPPORTSYSTEMSIt divided into
If the Transaction Processing System (TPS), business process or system work system2. MANAGEMENT SUPPORTSYSTEMIt divided into the following system information system (IMS) and a Decision Support System (DSS) and Executive Support (ESS) tool development SYSTEMThe DATA steps in development are part of information systems include: feasibility studies, design, testing, implementation, documentation. Trends in the computer system. “It is generally accepted that the necessary information for the smooth operation Modern business organizations use computer systems to obtain the desired information. Because technology changes rapidly, the most important question is how an organization can effectively work information management system that can sometimes be unpredictable, be effective to improve the organization and make full use of it.It seems pretty obvious that information systems are an important relationship, even before the advent of the Internet. For example, the ability of IT systems has a major impact on how managers can control and is thus an important factor in the organization of big business and geographical expansion. The same applies to the Member States and their statistical systems. Current integration of computer networks and electronic data exchange to facilitate the creation of common databases and government policies accelerated a trend that started earlier. It also creates new opportunities for companies as it allows companies to adopt new organizational practices (eg just in time) to develop. However, the role of information systems organization will support the business processes rather than individual properties. The focus of the external customer, instead of inward. Companies are increasingly rapidly.This challenge existing systems, which are often poorly structured to meet these requirements. It also presents a challenge for those who is construction, operation and use of these systems obsolete assumptions.To able information services are available if necessary and its decision is a disaster in its reliability and performance is very important. Imagine what could happen if the banking system failures due to some critical errors in the system, or if the health information system to give bad advice to patients.
It is not too much to say that our lives are controlled by a computer system, but their reliability and performance at a very important applications of information system: a wide range of applications, information systems that are sold worldwide, “Wow, some with AS1 analysis of sales productivity and cost efficiency are .
system2 reports. Commodity prices, the expected return and risk
S3 in the analysis. Distribution and processing of inventory and accounting System4. Geographic Information Systems5. Systeme6 Health Information Department. System7 new bank. System8 oil refinery. System9 energy. The system of steel production.

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