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Engaging your Web site visitors with interactive elements is not only a great way to get them to stick around your site longer, but also a great way to keep them coming back—and if you use the viral marketing techniques discussed throughout this book, you could get even more visitors to your site. There are many types of interactive elements. You have to choose the ones that are right for your site given your objectives, your target market, and your products.

The Web site Calories per Hour ( provides great interactivity for its target market. It offers resources, information, and peer support for healthy and sustainable weight loss. It also offers interactive elements such as a food calculator, activity calculators, weight-loss calculators, and BMI, BMR, and RMR calculators. These weight-loss calculators are fun, interactive, and a great way to get Web site visitors to return again and again.

Let’s have a closer look at one of the calorie calculators, the running calculator. The running calculator will calculate the calories burned by someone of a particular weight running for a specified distance. This is a great tool for someone who is trying to keep track of the amount of calories he or she burns. It’s extremely easy to use; all you have to do is enter your weight in pounds and the distance in the appropriate fields, and the calculator does the rest for you.

Through the many free weight-loss calculators they make available, the Calories per Hour Web site is successful in helping people keep track of their weight loss progress, at the same time creating stickiness and repeat traffic.

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