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The word blog is derived from the word “Web log “. They are the web pages where you can post informative and graphic compositions, some of which are provided free, and others are trading in a fee. Some Web sites that offer free space is MyBlogSite, Blogger and WordPress. Blogs are perhaps the easiest way and most efficient to have a personal website on Internet.Whether for personal, commercial or professional, this method is the implementation of your point of view of a safer way to come from your readers and visitors. Personal blogs are tools for a person ‘s and concepts discussed and the purpose of a public diary. Blogs manufactured for professional use and is writing about money with articles and advertising clients for some customers and generate interest. use blogs for companies to grow conducted specifically on certain products and services by the owner himself. Corporate blogging is a fascinating and valuable vogue in business circles present.A page on the Internet this way is more efficient to be a common website used originated. It is better and easier to manage. You canPage contains all the relevant content from the normal site, where you have to sort the different pages for different content. There are also a variety of presentation materials for your blog, containing text, video, graphics and images. The contents of the site are in chronological order with the latest messages usually occupy the center arranged. Another wonderful about blogging is that you can easily update needed.There several characteristics of blogs that are not its contents, which are explained in the blogs well-known company involved could. ArchiveSituated on the blog site header ‘s or the sidebar is the Blog Archive deposition in the last blog are usually stored in a week or a month depending on option settings. This is very useful to trace the history of blog posts. CategoriesThis rank function is only available on various blogs into different categories such as services, products, advertising and other worthy groups. This feature facilitates the classification for users to find topics of interest to refine their search and have efforts.Blogroll this property provides a list of blogs on the blog page is the ‘box below or the side to access easilyReaders of blogs. There are cases where you integrate your various blog sites in your blogroll function to facilitate the search of the blog viewers can. For example, if your in the business of flowers and at the same time dealing with gardening tools and equipment, you can attach a link to your garden equipment company on the blogroll of your flower business.It closed, which are very efficient breeders blogrolls traffic. You stand to gain more revelation, if you are included in the blogroll of blog sites and similar sites nearby. Web viewers can easily click on your links on other sites and get to your website easily. The more links to your site, found at other sites, the better your chances are always higher in the rankings in the search engines.Comments A very useful feature for your blog is a special comment. It is a tool where you can generate reactions of your audience by the comments of your post. If you regularly publish blogs accept comments from viewers and to respond to comments from the religious, you can finally meet a community blog and also in large measure to improve transportin your website.The other features of the site are mainly due to the navigation of your blogging effort, as well as providing traffic to your audience, which aims to increase translates to better promote your products and services, and turn the success of your corporate blogs.

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