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Students in action, you must first cycle 101 for an opinion on what is expected by the end of their studies if they choose to continue the program. The course teaches students the opportunity to consider whether the land so that they can continue. Business-101 offers a wealth of information so that students are ready, all you can do what we do to prepare for futures.This course begins to explain how societies are organized and the management and evaluation. Business structures discussed in class. They consist of business, marketing, accounting, finance, human relations and information management systems, and few people know others.Most marketing, is every day when you go on the road, surf the Internet or watching movies. You can not always be aware of these marketing techniques, however. Product, price, place and promotion, all the essential elements of an effective marketing strategy: During the operation, the students exposed to the four Ps of marketing. Businesses should also be discussed, and topics are supply and demand of goods and services and financial importance of trade.Accounting addressed two major areas in the company. Finance assesses the concept of time value of money, which is the foundation of the financial sector and various financial institutions now. Accounting is another important area associations.Human on the balance sheet equation and teach the “four statements” that the vast majority of companies and asset management in over 101 companies. Participants will learn the skills to come into force on the leaders and officers – in fact, is basically a leader. Topics include an HR planning and recruitment of workers compensation as well as logistic discrimination and how to comply with the Equal laws.With the early days of computer systems, globalization and other multiply rapidly. Introduction to Business to analyze and assess how these factors impact and contribute to the economic situation, both negative and positively.Upon end of the course participants, the Wall Street Journal to read or to understand the work that will be discussed . listen It is an interesting feeling, the lessons we learned in school to use in the real world. At the end of the course the students will know their strengths and weaknesses, and it helps the area of ​​interest you want a career to determine .

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