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Jetour DASHING Launches Officially in Saudi Arabia, Embracing the Future

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Jetour DASHING, the new SUV that combines innovative technology with a striking appearance, has officially launched in Saudi Arabia on February 13th. With its unique inter-generational design and state-of-the-art features, DASHING is poised to offer an unparalleled driving experience to customers worldwide.

Breaking away from traditional family-oriented designs, Jetour DASHING incorporates the latest technology and mechanical aesthetics to cater to the needs of a new generation of consumers who seek novel experiences and cutting-edge technology. Discover the future of driving with Jetour DASHING, now available in Saudi Arabia.

To meet the preference of different users, Jetour DASHING provides two different color-matched interiors, with luxurious suede seats that render extreme comfort. Jetour DASHING has also craftily created a healthy cockpit to bring consumers a healthy and cozy environment, and the extra-large space with a super wheelbase provides space for all types of travel demands while allowing users to customize the 6/4 rear seat layout as they wish.

Jetour DASHING is user-friendly and enhanced with cutting-edge technologies, offering an unparalleled driving experience to users while supporting their safety from all dimensions. It is equipped with industry-standard voice recognition, Bluetooth connection, remote start, and other considerate features to meet users’ daily needs, making smart travel accessible at fingertips.

As Jetour’s first A-class SUV model, DASHING doesn’t fail to deliver a top-notch and powerful performance with its strong capabilities. It features a 1.6TD-7DCT power combination, achieving a maximum output power of up to 197kW and a maximum torque of up to 290 horsepower/m, allowing users to switch seamlessly between gears, bringing an effortlessly smooth experience to speed enthusiasts.

Sticking to “Travel+” positioning, Jetour Auto is the fastest-growing new SUV brand in China, that has entered more than 30 countries and regions around the world, accumulating over 660,000 users and almost 23,000,000 fans over the past few years.

As a premium model to be launched globally by Jetour Auto in 2023, DASHING, while inheriting the “Travel+” DNA of the Jetour brand, is another step forward in delivering an excellent driving performance and outstanding driving experience to meet the travel demands of the new generation of consumers. It also creates an opportunity for consumers to experience the charm of traveling through Jetour together with their families and friends. Meanwhile, users can wait for more exciting stories to unfold as Jetour DASHING is officially released overseas for the first time.

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