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Logging Errors and Diagnostic Information on the Phone

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The sample application does not log any diagnostic information or details of error conditions from the Tailspin mobile client application. Tailspin plans to add this functionality to a future version of the mobile application after they evaluate a number of tradeoffs.

For example, Tailspin must decide whether to keep a running log on the phone or simply report errors to a service as and when they occur. Keeping a log on the phone will use storage, so Tailspin would have to implement a mechanism to manage the amount of isolated storage used for log data, perhaps by keeping rolling logs of recent activity or implementing a purge policy. Sending error data as it occurs minimizes the storage requirements, but it makes it harder to access data about the state of the application before the error occurred. Tailspin would also need to develop a robust way to send the error information to a service, while transferring log files could take place during the application’s standard synchronization process. Collecting logs also makes it easier to correlate activities on the phone with activities in the various Tailspin Surveys services.

Tailspin must also consider the user experience. A privacy policy would require a user to opt into collecting diagnostic information, and Tailspin might want to include options that would enable users to set the level of logging detail to collect.

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