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Business intelligence software is the result of a variety of methods, processes and systems that are primarily designed for business intelligence across the enterprise. There is often a significant role in strategic decision making in society. BI software offers a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. Today, many companies large databases of information about the song of the numerous services such as sales, finance, production, etc., to obtain, in fact, it is very difficult to use the software because they provide the right information at the right time can. Business intelligence software is the best data.It replace the traditional collection and analysis of raw data to use other functions, organizations, and provides useful reports for management. The software allows management of data to analyze, to make better use of their brands and the best analysis tools and integrated applications resources.Business, easy to use, to make reports, analysis and presentation. The program can store data in any form. You can system.Often collect information about the software or data memory for storing data, the software is a set of tools for specific vertical markets, such as, for example, include education, health, or less developed. However, there are tools for BI applications that are used to produce the correct information. Usually includes: mining
Research and Consulting
Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Operational Dashboards
Content Viewer
Performance Management Company
Technical decisions
SystemThe local application of business intelligence software can be achieved in several ways. Some of the most popular option involves the use of cloud computing, SaaS, seat, and cut into slices (organized by request). On-Premise conditions can be usually installed in the house rented or used equipment. SaaS is generally through the Application Service Provider (ASP) provided. Most BI software offers a wide range of functions that can be common in nature, but to support better decisions in the organization. Currently, a variety of business intelligence software market. Some ability to deliver ad hoc reports, while others offer a comprehensive portfolio analysis work and some have built applications for reporting. Almost all of the BI software have many similar characteristics to enable a quick decision that the different layers of company.Some are common features of system software: – Ad-hoc reporting, an intuitive Web interface, a flexible print options , data sharing and dynamic financial reports and analysis. An intuitive Web user interface provides information that allows the user anywhere, anytime. Ad hoc information system allows employees at all levels, to prepare and implement their own reports. Business intelligence software, the function information in various formats, such as text files, spreadsheets, Web pages, and much more appear .


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