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Neta Auto Commences Construction of Overseas Factory, Signifying Globalization Milestone for Chinese Carmakers After Four Months of Preparation

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On March 10th of last year, Neta Auto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. held a groundbreaking ceremony to prepare for the construction of an electric car manufacturing facility. The factory is set to become a key production base for Neta Auto to produce and export right-hand drive electric cars to the ASEAN market. Neta Auto also signed a cooperation agreement with Bangchanejeren Asset Management Limited (BGAC) to jointly build a state-of-the-art electric car assembly plant, enhance employee skills, and establish an electric car ecosystem in Thailand. This move demonstrates Neta Auto’s rapid and stable development in ASEAN, and its significant step towards global expansion.

Situated in Khan Na Yao, Bangkok, the Plant is Neta Auto’s first overseas factory, and also the first plant of China EV startups in Thailand. Consisting of three workshops for welding, painting and assembly, the facility will feature optimized plant design and innovative process technologies based on the concept of lean and intelligent manufacture, saving resources and increasing quality and efficiency. The plant may be put into production by late January 2024 as a model international factory intelligently making new-energy vehicles.

Zhang Yong, Co-founder and CEO of Neta Auto, and Vunchai, Chairman of BGAC, attended the event, witnessing Neta Auto’s ushering in a new journey for globalization.

Mr Zhang said: “Significantly, the Thailand plant will be a major base for us to produce and export RHD EVs to the ASEAN. Since we will begin construction of several world-class intelligent EV manufacturing bases simultaneously, our capacity will be expanded, supporting our globalization development. We also plan to enter more countries in the Middle East, the European Union and other regions, making Neta Auto a brand recognized and trusted by global consumers.”

Vunchai also shared his expectations on the partnership. “We make a critical step in sustainable transport through the collaboration. We also expect to bring people opportunities and accelerate development of the EV sector in Thailand, leveraging the partnership.”

Neta Auto was among top 20 global new-energy passenger vehicle manufacturers by volume in 2022, ranking 1st among EV startups by annual sales volume. Neta V, the first model launched by the carmaker in Thailand, ranked second by registration among BEVs in Thailand. The ceremony showcases China’s upgraded intelligent vehicle manufacture capabilities and Neta Auto’s brand power.

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